Global style guide

Note: This design specification is still in development. If have any feedback or would like to join the PWA conversation, please join our Slack channel.

This topic provides the global style rules and values used in the Venia storefront. Use this guide to style components that will fit within the Venia storefront.



Grid layouts should be in multiples of 4 where possible, and the gap, or gutter, between each grid cell should be in multiples of 8rem.


Use masks and borders instead of drop shadows to separate different sections and visual components.

Masks and borders

Use the following values for borders:

Property Value Description
border-radius 2px The roundness of an element’s corner border
border-width 1px The width of an element’s border

Note: For buttons, the border-radius is half the height of the button. For example, a button with a height of 3rem should have a border-radius of 1.5rem.


Avoid using z-index to re-order items; instead, rely on document order where possible. If you need to use the z-index, ensure that it is only used to re-order sibling elements within a single layer.


Tip: Color values are expressed in RGB format because it translates easier to rgba() values than HEX format.

The Venia storefront uses the following custom properties for color in its design:

Custom property RGB value Usage
--venia-border rgb(224, 224, 224) Border color
--venia-grey rgb(246, 246, 246)  
--venia-teal rgb(0, 134, 139) Buttons
--venia-text rgb(33, 33, 33) General text
--venia-text-alt rgb(117, 117, 117) Alternative text
--venia-text-hint rgb(158, 158, 158) Hint text

Use the var() function to use these custom properties in your style definitions:

.myComponent {
  border-color: rgb(var(--venia-border));


Animations and transitions should run at a smooth 60 fps. This can be achieved by setting the speed of the animation to increments of 16 milliseconds, which is roughly 1 frame per second.

Use the following table as a reference for the ideal duration for different animation actions:

Animation action Duration value
Opening and entrance animation 224 milliseconds
Closing and exit animation 192 milliseconds

Easing functions

Easing functions determine the speed up and slow down of animations. They help make component interactions and movements look and feel natural.

Use the following table to determine which easing functions to use in your component animations:

Function Usage
ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out Movement-type animations, such as sliding or scrolling
linear Visual effects animations, such as color or opacity changes


The Venia storefront uses the open source Feather icon set. Each icon has a stroke width of 2px and fits inside a 24px square, except in buttons and carets, which have a size of 16px.


Name Icon
Search search-icon
Menu menu-icon
Shopping cart shopping-cart-icon