Props for [ProductImageCarousel](#ProductImageCarousel)

Carousel component for product images Carousel - Component that holds number of images where typically one image visible, and other images can be navigated through previous and next buttons

**Returns: ** React.Element — React carousel component that displays a product image


Name Type
props props

Props for ProductImageCarousel


Name Type Description
classes Object An object containing the class names for the ProductImageCarousel component
classes.currentImage string classes for visible image
classes.imageContainer string classes for image container
classes.nextButton string classes for next button
classes.previousButton string classes for previous button
classes.root string classes for root container
images Array.<Object> Product images input for Carousel
images[].disabled bool Is image disabled
images[].file string filePath of image
images[].uid string the id of the image
images[].label string label for image
images[].position string Position of image in Carousel

Source Code: pwa-studio/packages/venia-ui/lib/components/ProductImageCarousel/carousel.js