Props for [Html](#Html)

Page Builder HTML component.

This component is part of the Page Builder / PWA integration. It can be consumed without Page Builder.

**Returns: ** React.Element — A React component that renders HTML with optional styling properties.


Name Type Description
props props React component props

Props for Html


Name Type Description
classes Object An object containing the class names for the Html
classes.root String CSS classes for the root container element
html String HTML code to be rendered as part of component
textAlign String Alignment of the video within the parent container
border String CSS border property
borderColor String CSS border color property
borderWidth String CSS border width property
borderRadius String CSS border radius property
marginTop String CSS margin top property
marginRight String CSS margin right property
marginBottom String CSS margin bottom property
marginLeft String CSS margin left property
paddingTop String CSS padding top property
paddingRight String CSS padding right property
paddingBottom String CSS padding bottom property
paddingLeft String CSS padding left property
cssClasses Array List of CSS classes to be applied to the component

Source Code: pwa-studio/packages/pagebuilder/lib/ContentTypes/Html/html.js